Friday, 4 July 2014

How To Save Money

          Now, I’m only talking from a teenage, college dropout’s perspective so don’t 
          expect to make millions. Below are just a few handy tips that are helping 
          me to save up for my travelling adventures. 

Sell your junk! What might be junk to you might be useful to someone else. 
Spend a day rummaging through your drawers, putting all the things you 
don’t want into bags/boxes. And don’t hold back, get rid of as much as you 
can! That flowery patterned dress that is 2 sizes toosmall, do you really need 
that? Think of each item as money. The more you get rid of, the more
 money you can make. So get down there and sell!

A savings account allows you to keep your money in a safe place while 
it earns a small amount of interest each month. You're also less likely
 to spend your money if it's safely tucked away in the bank.

Have an amount of money of which you need to have saved on a
 set date. (£100 by the end of the month or £2,000 by the end
 of the year, for example)  This will motivate you to reach your 
goal. Then put it straight into your savings bank! As humans 
we get a satisfying feeling achieving goals. 

                      AVOID BUYING FOOD OUT
     I've done a bit of research and found that if you're spending around £20 
a week on food, it is adding up to £1,000 a year! I know that I, at one stage, 
was apart of this statistic. Buying that caramel frappuccino with extra
 cream when your in Starbucks is okay for a one off. But if you're
 finding yourself buying drinks or food out quite often, you should stop. 
You're spending more than you realise. ''It's only a fiver'' but it adds up! 
It might not taste as good but start making yourself pack lunches. 

Buy yourself a fairly large sized jar. Whenever you find loose change
 lying around, pop it into your jar. Fill it with pennies such as 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 
10ps and once it has been completely filled count the money up. Take the 
money straight to the bank and start again. You will be surprised with how 
much you can save. I have a savings pot which takes up to three months to 
fill. It normally adds up to around £30 (FILLED WITH JUST PENNIES!!) 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Moody Face Syndrome

‘’Are you okay’’ ‘’Why are you in a bad mood’’ ‘’Cheer up’’ ‘’Why the sad face’’, just a few of the comments that get said to me… ALL THE TIME.
If you’re like me, someone who is born with a naturally sad/moody face when you’re in neutral pose, my dear friend, you’re not alone.  On a weekly basis my facial expression is pointed out to me, which makes me feel even more paranoid about the way I look. Once it has been pointed out I spend the rest of the day awkwardly forcing a smile.
                                           *me forcing a smile*

‘’You look so annoyed’’ well I wasn’t until you said that.

Where I work we often have to check the stock out the back, a job which involves no communicating with customers - or for that matter, anyone! So why, I wonder, did 6 of my colleagues (yes I’m counting) just this month feel the need to point out my ‘not so happy face’. My manger has asked me ‘’’what’s wrong’’ several times and just recently stopped when I replied ‘’I was born with a naturally moody face, don’t mind me’’. I’m getting a little fed up of having to explain to people that I was BORN THIS WAY.  I can’t help the way I look, I’m afraid, so please would you kindly stop pointing out how miserable my face is.  
                    *we didn't choose the face our mummas gave us*

Anyway, if you do suffer with moody face syndrome, don’t stress too much about it. Click here to watch a clip I found on youtube where a group of people manage to make a comedy out of people with the ‘’syndrome’’. Have a watch! It might actually put a smile on that grumpy face of yours – it did me.